Experconnect is the creator of post-retirement collaboration

The knowledge, expertise and experience of your employees are an essential asset for your company. Preserving and retaining access to this resource beyond retirement is a strategic issue.

Experconnect is your partner in the management of high level senior expertise.

Since 2005, we have built a network of more than 5,500 experts in most industrial sectors, from C-suite Executives to seasoned Program Managers and highly skilled Technicians, who are ready to support your business globally.

Whatever your need, we probably know the right resource.

The largest community of retired industry experts : 5,500 people

Business services

Experconnect develops a unique offer to boost and enhance the end of careers, facilitate retirement, ensure the transfer of knowledge and pursue a post-retirement collaboration in a suitable, flexible, secure and highly efficient scheme.

Post-retirement collaboration

Through a dedicated and secure platform, created on our ExperAccess tool, we invite our most qualified experts to brainstorm with your own staff around themes and issues of interest. All exchanges are indexed and securely capitalized within your own gated space.

We welcome, motivate and retain your experts and specialists in retirement to build your pool. Ready and available, they can perform punctual missions around the world.

We apply a rigorous ethical code that preserves your knowledge.

When you decide to bring back retired employees to leverage their expertise and knowledge, we put together a support structure to allow them to fully focus on their mission. We optimise the administrative and contractual aspects of the engagement to guarantee responsiveness, flexibility and security, in France and abroad.

We seek, qualify and offer an expert or specialist from our pool of more than 5,500 retired experts with recognized skills

Get in touch with a pool of retired Program and Portfolio Managers, Operational and Support Function specialists (planning, contracting, quality assurance, …) from all sectors of the industry (energy, civil engineering, environment, transportation, health, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, …) . They are ready to engage anywhere in the world to support your complex projects at all levels.

Transition to retirement


Optimization of the end-of-career trajectory to smoothly anticipate departures


Construction of the personal project to project into a desirable post-retirement future

Preserving knowledge

Transmission and capitalization based on our approaches, tools and especially on our senior experts trained in the process and elicitation techniques





Missions per year



Why do companies appreciate Experconnect services?

About Experconnect

A propos d’Experconnect

Experconnect a créé la Collaboration Post-Retraite pour apporter une solution innovante et globale à la gestion des fins de carrière.

Notre équipe

Les équipes Experconnect sont organisées par pôle,  elles ont acquis au fil des années une expertise unique au contact de leurs clients et des experts.


Nos experts interviennent sur les cinq continents, partout où nos clients ont besoin de leur expertise.

Nos références

Dès l’origine Experconnect a accompagné les plus grands groupes industriels français.

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