Even more than in other industries, the culture of safety, the history of each installation and the traceability  of decisions and their explanations are essential to the nuclear industry and are to be preserved.

The sector is faced with the challenge of generation renewal, with a necessary transmission of experience, in the context of new requirements for safety and the search for performance to preserve the acceptability and competitiveness of nuclear energy.

The Experconnect community comprises more than 1000 senior nuclear experts in the fields of pressure vessel design, I&C , mechanical & electrical design, civil engineering, decommissioning , safety,  construction, testing, commissioning, operation, systems architecture, licensing, international development …

Some examples of engagements

Cybersecurity - 30 Days

As part of the deployment of the law on Military Programming, organizational provisions and documents concerning computer security at different sites, were put in place.

Nuclear Plant Operations - 20 Days

Support to the Head of Production Department as well as to the Service Leadership Team as part of the deployment of a site project to position shift management teams as “Primary Safety Officers of Facilities in Real Time

Start-up of a latest-generation Nuclear Power Plant - 200 Days

Support to commissioning teams during loading tests

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