Retirement is an important career stage for the employee and for the company.

Experconnect has designed a set of tools to turn this transition into an opportunity for both to secure knowledge and expertise transfer, and even to strengthen productive capacity.

By implementing a Post-Retirement Collaboration policy, employers can help facilitate the transition for young retirees by giving them the opportunity to pursue their life’s passion in favorable conditions, while ensuring full compliance with local laws and regulations.

A corporate HR policy including Post-Retirement Collaboration will help your senior employees transition to retirement in the best possible conditions.

Employees perceive the attention from their employer, and will understand the importance of forward planning for their own post-retirement project. With Post-Retirement Collaboration, the employer recognises the value of its senior employees, projecting a positive image. Retirement processes are better planned and proceed more smoothly, with a marked improvement in social relations, better knowledge transfer and usually better financial perspectives for both the employer and the retiree

[glossary_exclude]NB: Experconnect works within the laws and regulation of its countries of operation, and individual conditions may vary. [/glossary_exclude]

Experconnect has developped operational models that minimize the impact of Post-Retirement work on your pension. Because pension rules are very different from country to country, it is impossible to give a blanket answer to this question.

Please contact us so we can give you a detailed answer that is tailored to your individual situation.

The objective of a Post-Retirement Collaboration program is to raise the awareness of senior employees regarding the value of their expertise, in order to be able to call on them for help once they've retired. The program also needs to make the talent pool visible to operational managers so they can use it as needed.

The framework of Post-Retirement Collaboration must be clearly defined and communicated so as to be understood by employees and management who will be calling on young retirees. This includes the rules (what kind of work, who can apply, how long ...) and the oversight mechanism, the interactions with other social and HR policies.

Communication with pre-retirement senior employees will include a chapter on Post-Retirement Collaboration when appropriate, so eligible staff can make contact with Experconnect to plan for their future post-retirement work.

Laws and regulations surrounding retirement vary widely by country, so it is impossible to give a global answer. However, one of Post-Retirement Collaboration's main goal is to smooth the transition to retirement for both the employer and the future retiree. By encouraging a positive outlook to retirement, and emphasizing the planning of knowledge transfer, we believe the framework has a positive impact on staff level planning.

Experconnect has more than 15 years experience accompanying professionals throught the transition to their retirement and post-retirement activity.

Experconnect …

  • supports the employer by engaging on-site with future retirees through seminars presenting the advantages of Post-Retirement Collaboration.
  • builds internal communications with experts in line with corporate communications to present the advantages of Post-Retirement Collaboration
  • conducts personal counselling sessions to help futur experts understand how they will work with Experconnect and their clients

Diversity in corporate environments benefits economic outlooks social perspectives. Ageing in the workforce has made senior employee's expertise and the management of their career-closing important issues. Post-Retirement Collaboration, by emphasizing the value of senior employees and retirees' expertise. gives them a corporate recognition that directly contributes to diversity.

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