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Enjoy your retirement! Do not be slowed down by the legal and administrative aspects of a new professional activity.

With Experconnect, you will pursue a professional activity in the best conditions: missions of any duration for active retirees with rare skills and wishing to contribute their know-how on projects with high added value.

Experconnect is neither a transitional management firm, nor a payroll company, nor an interim company. We are dedicated to the management of rare and senior skills and we accompany them to create the best conditions for collaboration in their retirement.

Join the community of our 5,500 experts, engineers, technicians, specialists, from the largest industrial groups.

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We provide government agencies and the media with regular updates on the state of post-retirement work

La centrale de Barakah le 1er Aout 2020 (image Stringer / AFP)

Launch of the Barakah Nuclear Plant.

[Le Monde – August 1st 2020] Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear plant in the United Arab Emirates has been officially launched. A half-dozen Experconnect experts — totalling more than 200 years of professional experience — participated in the project in consulting, auditing and advisory roles.


A mission on senior citizen employment

Senior Actu echoes Experconnect president Caroline Young’s satisfaction after the nomination by the French Prime Minister of a working group on senior citizen employment. Its conclusions are expected in January 2020. (the link is in French)


Why is post retirement work necessary?

A book by Caroline Young, Gilles Effront et Jean-Yves Ruaux. Download it for free. (the book is in French)


BFM Business – Retirement: what reforms should we expect?

After eighteen months of concertation, and the publication of Jean-Paul Delevoye’s report, yet another round of discussions will take place this week. Are we in for another eighteen months? (the link is in French)


ATLANTICO – A few good reasons to promote post-retirement work.

We will need to keep on working. Good news: it’s for good reasons. (the link is in French)


PUBLIC SENAT – Where are we with pension reform?

After a number of cases linked to the “Benalla” incident, tension between the Senate and the executive branch are still high. What are the consequences on institutional relationships and coming reforms? (the link is in French)


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Experconnect a créé la Collaboration Post-Retraite pour apporter une solution innovante et globale à la gestion des fins de carrière.

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