To build the future quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to know perfectly what we have today, and to know how to exploit the experiences of the past. To meet this challenge, the “old” Europe has a major asset with its seasoned experts. Companies that want to succeed in the energy revolution know that they can rely on these people.

Experconnect has more than 600 senior energy experts able to intervene in the design, implementation, start-up, commissioning, production, operation, maintenance and dismantling phases: from the project manager, or site manager, to the technician in the field … then in the fields of exploration, production, transport, distribution, storage …

Some examples of engagements

Support for the construction of coal-fired power plant in Senegal – assistance project management

2035 Coal Project – Technical and organizational support (planning maintenance outages) on the renovation of two coal-fired power plants during decennial visits - 50 Days

Verification of maintenance shutdown schedule, preparation of temporary facilities  during shutdown and control room adaptation which will remain in operation during shutdown work.

General Safety and Environment Inspection on several petrochemical plants - 100 Days

Floating concrete expertise for a pilot farm with floating wind turbines and technical and economic advice

To carry out a technical-economic analysis of a concrete float solution for a first pilot farm with floating wind turbines of size and power adapted to the evolutions of the market in the 10 years to come

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