Construction companies are shaping our environment: urbanization; globalization; growth and securing of water, energy and digital networks; renewal of infrastructures, societal changes … promote the dynamics of the sector for several decades.

To strengthen their teams and ensure the success of projects, companies know how to rely on the expertise of seniors ready to share their experience with the next generation.

Experconnect has more than 150 senior experts in the main construction, construction and public works professions, covering all the phases of a construction and infrastructure construction operation: project management (public and private) , project management (architects, construction economists, engineering companies and technical consultants, control bodies) and the actual construction (structural studies, methods, planning and economic analysis).

Some examples of engagements

Secure the progress of the project Chernobyl Arch - 20 Days

Evaluation of the level of risk control of the project team in the context of the sarcophagus moving allowing the confinement of reactor n ° 4.

Connecting Hong Kong to Macao - 65 Days

Technical consulting and team coordination mission in France, and in Hong Kong for the design-construction of the Hong Kong part of the 50-kilometer bridge between Hong Kong airport and Macao.

Support for the construction of a hydro dam in India - 15 Days

Technical summary report of all concretes used (aggregates, cements, additives) and related materials (Waterstops joints, …). Tracing of the preliminary tests as well as the performance of concretes made.

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