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11 August 2016

Keep your skills up to date

As part of bringing all our experts together as a single community, we have set up Experactiv, a non for profit association, to offer you a professional working environment similar to the one you were previously familiar with. This organisation gives you the opportunity to benefit from training opportunities, attend conferences and maintain your socio-professional…
11 August 2016

Peace of mind

An expert who decides to continue working professionally is a lucky find for companies within his or her sector of expertise. We do everything we can to ensure that you are not impeded or slowed down by the legal and administrative formalities involved in returning to work. We offer you close management and 5-star supervision…
11 August 2016

Recognition and valorisation

The majority of our experts are former employees recommended to us by our clients on the basis of their knowledge and exemplary careers. So being co-opted by Experconnect is a clear recognition of your ability to successfully take on the strategic assignments we are asked to undertake.

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