Blog | 16 January 2017

Using the Post-retirement Collaboration as a win-win cross-fertilization

What do you do when one of your business Engineering Managers tells you he wants to strike out for pastures new?

Take the time to do things properly

Having listen to, taken on board and analysed his reasons for going, the decision has to be taken to find a replacement. Unfortunately, time pressures can result in a company accelerating the recruitment process rather too slowly and discovering – too late – that there is a mismatch between the job profile, the company culture and the new recruit. The end result is lost time for the company, another recruitment process and teams without effective leadership.

Alstom decided to address this issue in a different way, and asked us if we could offer them an interim solution that would give them enough time to find the right person for the job.

Experconnect now has 10 years of experience, and can therefore draw on a powerful network, so it was easy for us to find someone with a profile that dovetailed with their need for a product range vice president. Having established that there was no conflict of interest between Alstom and the expert’s previous employer, we were able to arrange an early meeting between the company and Alain, the consultant.

There is no point in denying that at Experconnect, we really want to know how assignments have gone, and never hesitate to ask both the expert and the client what they thought of the collaborative experience. And since Alain and Alstom were both happy for us to pass on their feedback, we are delighted to be able to share it with you…

Skill is not a function of age

Alain: “The assignment began in November 2014 and ended in May 2015. Everything went very well. I’m grateful to everyone in the Experconnect team for giving me the opportunity to extend my working life into post-retirement collaboration for the last two years. This particular assignment was more hands-on and intense than previous ones, but it was an enormous pleasure and a very valuable experience”.

Alstom: “We were really happy with this assignment. The scheduling was perfect and gave us the time to do things properly. Alain was very much on the case in every direction. Very few experts – especially those with this level of experience – have this level of drive and energy… People often said to us “it’s not possible: he can’t be retired…”. Our new employee is now place, and has integrated into the business very quickly, because Alain did such an incredible preparatory job.

It’s a great outcome, because Alstom was able to put full trust in an expert who had not only passed the legal retirement age, but more importantly, came from outside the group to take on a difficult and strategically important challenge. So congratulations to Alstom and Alain for demonstrating once again the message we have been promoting for 10 years now: skill is not a function of age.

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