Our Vocation

For more than two decades, we have worked on the effects of population ageing, with particular emphasis on studying how this trend impacts on employment in companies..

In 2005, we set up EXPERCONNECT to offer companies a strategy and mechanism for retaining the key skills of their future retirees, and enable those approaching retirement to continue their active working lives under the best-possible conditions.

More than 200 companies have demonstrated their belief in our convictions and have rolled out our approach within their own organisations, as a result of which more than 5,000 working retirees have invested their energy and intelligence to benefit the projects of our clients.

Since then, this pioneering and innovative initiative has brought us into contact with many decision-makers in the corporate world, led to direct discussions with political leaders, and allowed us to share our vision and belief that the potential contribution of retired people to the world of work is enormous.

Today’s demographic and sociological trends show that our vision and belief were correct, as the retirement of the baby-boomer generation continues to create very significant shortfalls in skills. The fact is that when these people leave, part of the company’s intelligence and expertise leaves with them.

Enabling these professionals to return to carry out an engineering assignment, open a subsidiary company, manage a strategic project or lead a training programme means putting knowledge and expertise at the heart of all these projects, and enabling both to be transferred to the new generation.

Over the years, our experience has led us to expand our offer by applying demographic management consultancy, professional retirement transition tools and an innovative approach to intergenerational relationships.

Our teams operate in 6 countries to support you as you consider the effects of organisational ageing on your own business, and to help you implement solutions that will boost the performance of your company.


Transparency : no false promises, no ambiguities that might harm the survival of a long-term relationship. Nothing but realism, pragmatism and professionalism to confront the challenges of performance and results.

Commitment : with meticulous application, responsibly, as if our actions were your own.

Relevance : ensuring that our advice is useful and effective for both our clients and our experts!

History of Experconnect

November 29, 2005 Creation of Experconnect
April 9, 2008 100th mission
set up
June 1st, 2008 First Frame work contract
June 8, 2008
10th employees
February 17, 2012 Creation of Experconnect Belgium
March 12, 2013 Creation of Experconnect Germany
June 3rd, 2013 Creation of Experconnect Singapore
September 3rd, 2013 10th Fame work contract
September 18, 2013 1 000th mission set up
2014 More than 600 missions
per year
September 24, 2014 20th employees
February 27, 2015 2000th mission set up
September 1st, 2015 Creation of Experconnect Switzerland
January 22, 2016 Creation of Experconnect United-Kingdom