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Life in the Office | 24 October 2016

The new website: Interview with Pascal Dardenne

About Pascal Dardenne :

Pascal joined Experconnect 7 years ago with the twin missions of winning new business from leading rail and construction industry stakeholders and bringing our brand to a wider audience by taking control of our communication.

Pascal, why did Experconnect need a new website?

There are many contributory factors which together led to that decision. To begin with, advances in technology mean that website design is now a much freer and more flexible process. Then there’s the fact that the way people consume information is changing, with the result that today’s users want more from the visual aspects of a website. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we want to use this website for something more than simply promoting our brand; we see it as a powerful channel for keeping in contact with our audiences and interacting with them.

Are you referring there to the blog?

Exactly that. We saw the idea of a blog as interesting as part of our commitment to providing website users with concrete examples of the sort of projects we talk about. My commitment to the Experconnect project and my pride in being part of it come from the essential truth of our message and the ethical way in which Experconnect employees work. We want to highlight a value that is particularly important to our teams in the way they work, which can be summed up as “Do what you say, and say what you do”.
The blog also allows us to offer users of our solutions the opportunity to talk directly about their experience of our services, the quality of those services and the relevance of the advice we give.

But even so, it’s a rather specific way of accessing information about Expertconnect services, isn’t it?

I agree with you, but our website is not there to simplify what we do, which is too specific and complex to be summarised in just a few lines of text. Every time we work with a client, it is on the joint construction of a bespoke HR solution designed specifically to meet their needs and objectives. So we thought it would be more interesting to show practical examples of what we do, or rather examples of the use our clients make of post-retirement collaboration.

Another significant change introduced by version 2 of the website is its international dimension.
Yes, that’s true, but the international dimension of the website is an absolute necessity. We already operate in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Singapore, and we’ve just opened a new office in London. This international growth reflects our commitment and determination to work as closely as possible with our clients on meeting their requirements.
As far as the website is concerned, we wanted to offer visitors a direct link to our various international teams. That’s the reason why the website is not only multilingual, but also multicountry, by which I mean it has content tailored to the specific features of national employment markets and skills.

One final question: what is it that you would particularly like visitors to take away from this new version of the website?

This new website reflects the development of Experconnect in terms of our richer range of services and our opening of new offices in international markets. If I had to identify just one ambition for this website, it would be that it becomes a forum for interaction and discussion between our clients and our experts. It’s also for this reason that we are becoming increasingly active on social media as a way of interacting more dynamically with audiences that may be interested in what we do, and to make everyone aware of the great adventure we are enabling, promoting and delivering.

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